Non-Warranty Repairs:
For Non-Warranty repair there is a $65 diagnostic deposit fee which goes toward the final cost of repair. There is also a small general delivery/handling fee for transportation that is applied.

Non-Warranty Hourly Repair Rates:

Amps, Power/Guitar---- $70/Hr.
Small Mixers ---- $70/Hr.
16+ Channel Mixers ---- $80/Hr.
Keyboards/Synths ---- $80/Hr.
Digital Effects ---- $80/Hr.
DATS / ADATS ---- $80/Hr.
CD/Turntable/DJ ---- $70/Hr.
Reel-Reel Tape ---- $80/Hr.
Raw Speakers ---- $65/Hr.
Speaker Cabinets ---- $70/Hr.
Powered Speakers ---- $70/Hr.
Misc Other ---- $70/Hr.

    Provided By Wizard Electronics

  Custom Modifications
  Speaker Reconing

Repair Estimates:
For Non-Warranty repair customers wanting an Estimate, there is a $65 diagnostic deposit fee which goes toward the final cost of repair, when the estimate is approved. Estimates that are declined are still subject to the $65 diagnostic and general delivery/handling fees.

Warranty Repairs:
For Warranty repair customers, bring a copy of your original sales receipt to accompany your gear for the warranty repair. No warranty repair work will be performed without the reciept. Some manufacturers require that you call them and get an RA#. Please look at the list below. If the RA# is required by your manufacturer, we can not work on it without the RA#. If the nature of your anticipated warranty repair is not covered by the manufacturer, you will be informed of this fact, and will be provided with an estimate. See paragraph above. If there is "No Trouble Found", the $65 diagnostic fee and general delivery/handling fees will apply.

Authorized Warranty Manufacturers:
AKAI Allen & Heath AMEK Ampeg B52 - RA# Biamp Systems Behringer - RA# BOSE Casio AL/AP PS-20 Celestion
Cerwin Vega Community Crate Crest Audio Crown DBX Digitech DOD EAW Eden
EVI Audio Fatar FBT Fender Fostex Gallien Krueger General Music Gibson Guild Hughes & Kettner
IMC JBL Pro Johnson Millennium Kawai Klark-Teknik Korg Kurzweil Kustom Line 6 Mackie & (D8B)
Marantz/PMD Markbass Marshall Mesa Boogie Nord PAS Peavey QSC Audio RANE Randall
Rivera Roland Ross S.W.R. ST. Louis Music SUNN Soundcraft USA Soundtech Soundtracs Spirit by Soundcraft
Studiomaster TANNOY Tascam DTRS Teac Topaz Trace Elliot University VAC Washburn Yamaha